I got my hair cut today. I'm not sure I like it.  What I'm really wondering is why they *always* insist on drying my hair straight. I paid like $80 bucks for this perm - wouldn't that indicate to the average person that I like my hair curly?  Apparently not, at least not to the strange breed that is the hairdresser.   Also.  When I say I need you to leave enough length for me to tie it back into a ponytail, I do *not* mean a pony tail that more resembles the bobbed tail of your average Rottweiler than an actual, you know - tail.  This is going to take MONTHS to grow out. *sigh*

It's way windy out today. I don't like it.  I'm sure that it stems from years of being in the insurance business (not to mention having my roof damaged a couple of years ago), but I get all tense and crap when the wind is whipping around.  Couldn't sleep last night because of it - meaning not only am I grumpy, but I'm tired, too.  Yay me.

The furkids don't like the wind either.  We have four, and I have Cara curled up on my legs, Mikko curled up at the end of the couch on the floor and Loch and Dora are curled up sleeping together on the couch beside me. Cutest thing - maybe not ever, but pretty darned cute.  Kitty cuddles? Those I like.

I'm putting off doing laundry (as usual), watching the Buffalo / Washington Game.  It's nice to hear Harry Neale calling a game again.  Current score is 4-3 Washington. Go Buffalo!

Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday.

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yay for kitty cuddles :) yikes! for the hair :( that short? omg &much sympathy
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From: [identity profile] lady-shain.livejournal.com

Seriously. Pulling it back results in about an inch of 'tail'. I call hairstyle fail. I'm going back on Monday or Tuesday - because not only is it too short - you know that part of my bangs that always twists in a weird curl thing when it gets too long? Yeah. Left THAT bit. I seriously wanted to take the scissors to it.

AAAAUGH. I'm seriously glad that I do not have easy access to firearms. *g*

My Dora apparently doesn't care though; judging from the purrs and the kitty kisses, she still loves me. *g*

From: [identity profile] utsi.livejournal.com

hairdressers - can't live with them, can't shoot them (damn). sorry you got subjected to the evil side of them this time :(
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From: [identity profile] lady-shain.livejournal.com

I know. They can make almost any day better, just by being their wonderful, kitty selves.

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My hair stylist person always wants to blow my hair straight when she's cut it to check something or other. I think maybe it's easier for her to make sure the layers are properly distributed that way? There's some specific reason for it, though, 'cause last time she did it even though it takes FOREVER and she wanted to leave early. (I told her it was fine to just dry it wavy/curly, which is quicker, but she said she had to to make sure the cut was right. So. Whatever that means. :) )

I feel your ponytail pain, though. That's one of my hair cut rules - must not need hours of styling in the morning to look okay, must be long enough to pull back without looking stupid. (Because if I am on a film set? I do not want hair in my face!)
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From: [identity profile] lady-shain.livejournal.com

Ooh. Hadn't considered that! Ok, that makes it a little less annoying. Thanks.

I wholeheartedly agree with your hair cut rules. Hopefully, I'll be able to communicate better next time - or find a stylist that actually listens.

I haven't been able to find a hairstylist that gets it right every time in about oh - 10 years. I refuse to go back to my old stylist, who stood me up on my wedding day, forcing me to do my own hair on that most important of days. Grr.



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