So....[ profile] sxeraven ...can you go to EVERY Leafs/Devils game? 

Clearly, your Eric Staal fueled dark mystic powers were in full effect tonight - because there is no way that Gerber is the better Goalie.

I am amusing myself by picturing you giggling like a maniac each time one of our pitiful 18 shots went in. 

If Marty knew about that voodoo doll in your closet, he'd be *so* pissed.


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Haha... you have no idea how hard I was laughing. *L* I was texting [ profile] maniaco and [ profile] sheesusnat all game.

I was also unfortunately at the game against the Hawks where Marty broke the win record. In a way it was pretty cool, I mean.. .I can say I was there for history in the making.

And then Marty proceeded to go on a streak of SUCK. It was great. :)

See, as Eric Staal's evil priestess, I do get some clout. He lets me do some evilness. Then of course, he has to go fuck up Miller's shutout by scoring in the last minute of play. To prove he's entirely evil I guess. *sigh*

Is it good or bad that at least I don't want to throw poisoned or itching powder-laced ring dings at Marty the way I do at BudaJ?
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Hee. I knew it. So Yeah, being Staal's evil priestess has some upside.

It's kind of cool that you've been witness to Marty's best and worst moments. I mean come on - 4 goals? 18 shots?

That's the universe turned upside down baby.

I found awesome Miller and teh!shiny icons. They'll be in my userpics soon.



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