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( Apr. 7th, 2009 08:18 pm)
Snagged from the lovely and wonderful [ profile] keepaofthecheez , because this just needs to be shared around*.


[profile] seal_clubber , I imagine you'll find innumerable amusing uses for this around the office.

*no doubt I'm waaay behind the times, and most of my flist will be all "been there, done that". Meh.

So....[ profile] sxeraven ...can you go to EVERY Leafs/Devils game? 

Clearly, your Eric Staal fueled dark mystic powers were in full effect tonight - because there is no way that Gerber is the better Goalie.

I am amusing myself by picturing you giggling like a maniac each time one of our pitiful 18 shots went in. 

If Marty knew about that voodoo doll in your closet, he'd be *so* pissed.



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