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2012-03-08 05:00 pm

100+ Book Challenge (Current Count 72 )

I'm doing the 100+ Book Challenge (Shelfari), so this post will be updated throughout the year.

2009 Book List )

Feel free to comment, if you want..
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2009-04-20 11:26 pm
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I'm here! With Apologies

Ok, so I was an idiot and clicked on the invitation link rather than grabbing the code to upgrade my openid account - so apologies to all my friends who will now have to authorise this journal.

I'll be playing around with this journal for a bit..
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2009-04-16 11:00 pm
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Having amused my Sci Fi Oriented Friends

I now post something for my Scadian / Gamer Friends.

Courtesy of [personal profile] muse_neko , Roll for Initiative...

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2009-04-16 10:18 pm
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2009-04-14 09:53 pm
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Update : Amazon Fail

For those who are interested... here's one response to the whole Fail thing, including Amazon's official comments, and some additional questions.

Apparently, it was all the fault of the French.  Those of us in Canada are completely familiar with this concept. *g*

Nice to find out that it was apparently an error due to the actions of a single employee (and who's taking bets on his/her job security??!?), but...

Amazon is still (as I understand it) engaging in a form of censorship - even if this was not some misguided attack on the gay and lesbian community and the affected titles were never intended to be classified as 'adult' - obviously some titles are.  While I completely agree that little Suzy shouldn't be getting porn with her winnie-the-pooh, surely there is a way to filter for age without messing with a particular title's sales figures in order to strip them from search results?

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2009-04-12 09:06 pm
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A friend posted the following in response to my "Happy Easter" type status message...

"Easter is a time of pagan miracles when bunnies everywhere are revered for pooping tiny chocolate eggs."

Again, I say HEE!
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2009-04-12 08:00 pm

Isn't this just censorship in disguise?

Format snagged from [ profile] winterlive ...

Amazon Rank

[Explanation / More Links ]

Update:  It's worth Reading [ profile] entrenous88 's post here.

In Summary, WTF?

Update 2:  It appears that Amazon has responded, saying it was a 'glitch'.  Not sure If I buy into this, but I  imagine the internets folk will keep 'em honest about fixing.. (thanks to [ profile] gossymer for posting the cap of the website, since it appears that traffic has overloaded the site)

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2009-04-12 12:24 pm
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Writer's Block: Sweet Tooth

[Error: unknown template qotd]Pumpkin Pie. Absolutely.

Although I must admit a real weakness for Cadbury's Cream Eggs...

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2009-04-11 06:12 pm
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I am a sheep. Baaa..

Because [profile] halcyon_shift told me to...

When you see this, post a quote from Red Dwarf in your journal

"Oh Smeg! What the smeg's he smegging done? He's smegging killed me! "
- Lister, Bodyswap

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2009-04-11 04:58 pm
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What Big Cat Are You?

You Are a Lynx
You are a quiet observer of the world around you. Your wisdom comes from listening carefully.
You've always been extra sensitive and aware. And it's made it difficult for you to fit in.

You see past people's outward personas. You are able to penetrate a stranger's soul.
What you've learned about people is both beautiful and ugly. And you keep these secrets to yourself.
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2009-04-09 09:33 pm

Yes. I am a book geek.

Terry Pratchett got a shout on on Criminal Minds?

How awesome is that?
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2009-04-07 10:47 pm
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Hell Hath Frozen Over - oh, look - a Hockey Rink!

So....[ profile] sxeraven ...can you go to EVERY Leafs/Devils game? 

Clearly, your Eric Staal fueled dark mystic powers were in full effect tonight - because there is no way that Gerber is the better Goalie.

I am amusing myself by picturing you giggling like a maniac each time one of our pitiful 18 shots went in. 

If Marty knew about that voodoo doll in your closet, he'd be *so* pissed.

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2009-04-07 08:18 pm
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Snagged from the lovely and wonderful [ profile] keepaofthecheez , because this just needs to be shared around*.


[profile] seal_clubber , I imagine you'll find innumerable amusing uses for this around the office.

*no doubt I'm waaay behind the times, and most of my flist will be all "been there, done that". Meh.

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2009-04-06 10:14 pm
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Book Meme!

I couldn't resist...snagged from [ profile] trishtrash

Squee! Books! )
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2009-04-05 11:52 pm
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What Herb Are You?

You Are Cinnamon
You are intelligent and complex. You are both mild mannered and intense.
You are passionate to the point of being overpowering. People can't ignore your presence.

You are always questioning and learning in your life. You're on a bit of a spiritual journey.
You are drawn toward power and success. You are never quite satisfied with your achievements.
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2009-04-05 11:39 pm

Helping a Friend out.

Hey Flist! If you've got a couple of free seconds, can you please help [ profile] sacrilicious earn some extra $$ from her corporate masters?  Go here, and watch her vid?  Here's the post explaining why this matters.


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2009-04-04 03:51 pm
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Random Saturday Thoughts

I got my hair cut today. I'm not sure I like it.  What I'm really wondering is why they *always* insist on drying my hair straight. I paid like $80 bucks for this perm - wouldn't that indicate to the average person that I like my hair curly?  Apparently not, at least not to the strange breed that is the hairdresser.   Also.  When I say I need you to leave enough length for me to tie it back into a ponytail, I do *not* mean a pony tail that more resembles the bobbed tail of your average Rottweiler than an actual, you know - tail.  This is going to take MONTHS to grow out. *sigh*

It's way windy out today. I don't like it.  I'm sure that it stems from years of being in the insurance business (not to mention having my roof damaged a couple of years ago), but I get all tense and crap when the wind is whipping around.  Couldn't sleep last night because of it - meaning not only am I grumpy, but I'm tired, too.  Yay me.

The furkids don't like the wind either.  We have four, and I have Cara curled up on my legs, Mikko curled up at the end of the couch on the floor and Loch and Dora are curled up sleeping together on the couch beside me. Cutest thing - maybe not ever, but pretty darned cute.  Kitty cuddles? Those I like.

I'm putting off doing laundry (as usual), watching the Buffalo / Washington Game.  It's nice to hear Harry Neale calling a game again.  Current score is 4-3 Washington. Go Buffalo!

Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday.
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2009-04-04 03:43 pm
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Icon Pimpage

...due to my long absence, I've had to rebuild/refind my icons...and in my search, I've found some gorgeous icons  at [ profile] icons_by_mea . 

Stone circles, seasonal, beautiful treatment of some amazing artists...she's got it all.  If you're looking for icons, check this journal out!

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2009-04-04 12:06 pm
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Writer's Block: How Does This Apply to Real Life?

[Error: unknown template qotd]English.   I have to communicate with people every day, so yeah. The English language is still working for me. :)
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2009-04-02 08:43 pm
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Writer's Block: In a Jam

[Error: unknown template qotd]Ooh - tough one!  I'm not sure I can narrow it down.  Vicki from Tanya Huff's blood series, Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series,  Michael Knight and Kitt (it's all about the car, baby), or Matlock.