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( Apr. 14th, 2009 09:53 pm)
For those who are interested... here's one response to the whole Fail thing, including Amazon's official comments, and some additional questions.

Apparently, it was all the fault of the French.  Those of us in Canada are completely familiar with this concept. *g*

Nice to find out that it was apparently an error due to the actions of a single employee (and who's taking bets on his/her job security??!?), but...

Amazon is still (as I understand it) engaging in a form of censorship - even if this was not some misguided attack on the gay and lesbian community and the affected titles were never intended to be classified as 'adult' - obviously some titles are.  While I completely agree that little Suzy shouldn't be getting porn with her winnie-the-pooh, surely there is a way to filter for age without messing with a particular title's sales figures in order to strip them from search results?

Format snagged from [ profile] winterlive ...

Amazon Rank

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Update:  It's worth Reading [ profile] entrenous88 's post here.

In Summary, WTF?

Update 2:  It appears that Amazon has responded, saying it was a 'glitch'.  Not sure If I buy into this, but I  imagine the internets folk will keep 'em honest about fixing.. (thanks to [ profile] gossymer for posting the cap of the website, since it appears that traffic has overloaded the site)

Terry Pratchett got a shout on on Criminal Minds?

How awesome is that?
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( Apr. 6th, 2009 10:14 pm)
I couldn't resist...snagged from [ profile] trishtrash

Squee! Books! )


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