on Adam Lambert:

"For me, I don't see men wearing nail polish very often.".


On another note, it's somewhat of a statement that there will be millions of teenage girls whose first introduction to Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" will be via dear Adam. 

I'm not a huge Country Music fan, but even *I'm* sure that that is Wrong.

Update: Paula is on CRACK.  She just compared that to Kashmir?  To quote Simon: "Rubbish!"

From: [identity profile] davesbrain.livejournal.com

Adam stands head and shoulders above the rest.

As for 'Ring of Fire', I so got it that, in 8 years of (being forced into) watching the show, this is the first time I've been intrigued by a male contestant enough to admit I'd actually listen to that if it came on the radio. It was great. He's a master. He is so good he can play with songs.

(Not that I watch the show faithfully or anything...)
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From: [identity profile] lady-shain.livejournal.com

I love Adam, and agree that he stands well above the rest of the pack.

I actually enjoyed his performance, but part of what made it really good/unique whatever was the fact that I had a point of reference, having heard Cash's version. Your point about him playing songs is true - but would it make as much impact if you didn't know the original?


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